Currently very busy writing my doctoral thesis! My contract is almost over, so I’ll likely spend some time wrapping up some of the loose end from my PhD. Regardless, I’ve been feeling pretty good lately! After a creative stump, I’ve been making a bit of new music every week. Should probably work on finishing some tracks instead of constantly generating new ideas, but a bit of work in the things that make me happy is important to me right now.

I’m currently participating in #novembeat / #noisebemver, where I took on the challenge of working/studying/making music for 1-2h everyday. Currently posting the results to Mastodon and on the Merveilles forum.

Also been playing Persona 5 with my partner. Well, she has been playing while I give some hints or help here or there. It’s been a great time, as she doesn’t really play that much and I’m glad we can share this hobby together.

Lastly, I finally got around to update this site a bit, adding some dedicated Project pages to my most relevant work. I did a bit of experimenting with N64 programming and created uxn64, a port of UXN for the nintendo 64. It was a fun weekend project, but not the most fun platform to work with, I’ll say that much.